Introducing the Spectra Slider

Having trouble with image positioning on your ultra-short throw projector? Worry no more! With the new Spectra Slider, you can perfectly position your projector to achieve your desired image size, without the need of expensive, specialist UST furniture.

With the Spectra Slider’s telescopic design, you can easily adjust your projector’s position for optimal performance and trigger the slider tray by turning your projector on / off.

The Spectra Slider automatically slides out to the pre-configured distance when the projector is powered up. When you’re done watching, simply power down your UST projector and watch it slide back to normal position.

Get the TV cabinet you want to play nice with the projector you love, thanks to the Spectra Slider.

Trigger Operated by Your Projector's Power

Securely Fastens To Your Cabinet & Projector

Works With Any TV Cabinet

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Get a Perfect, Hassle-Free Throw

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A Laser TV's Best Friend

The Spectra Slider’s versatile and configurable travel distance enables you to adapt your projector to virtually any living room or home theater setup.

Who wants to keep their furniture far away from the wall, just to get a decent projector throw? Fit your projector around your entertainment center, and not the other way around.

At maximum distance, you can achieve a throw equivalent to a 29.5″ wide TV cabinet. At typical projection aspect ratios, this works out to an incredible, immersive 120″+ imaging area.

Stands Out By Fitting In

The Spectra Slider was designed to be the perfect companion to your projector and its surroundings. Our understated design will fade into your entertainment center, rather than dominate it. The smooth matte black finish matches perfectly with dark colored projectors, and provides a pleasing contrast for light colored units.

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Get the Perfect Throw Every Time

With the Spectra Slider, you can freely adjust your projector’s imaging distance; never worry about how close or far away your projector is from the wall again. We designed the sliding tray with ultra short throw Laser TV projectors in mind, giving you an easy way to position your projector close to a wall without having to design your living room around it.

Best of all, once set, there’s no need to continually adjust the sliding tray – it will remember the last position you set, and mechanically move into place when you turn your projector on. When you turn it back off, the Spectra Slider will likewise return to its resting state. This all happens silently, thanks to the brushless stepper motor that we use for the mechanical functionality.

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